Resolving conflict becomes faster and easier when mediators and third party neutrals add visual communication to the process. That’s because humans are visually wired. So, when you bring visual language into the process, you’ll amplify the effect of any intervention and watch the parties go far more easily from stuck to solved.

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Make communication more effective and become the innovative, go-to mediator by learning to leverage the power of visuals in dispute resolution.

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“Learning about visual mediation is so refreshing and something new I can tangibly incorporate into my everyday work! It’s inspiring, challenging and refreshing.”

~ Mediator, California Judicial Council

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Lisa delivers high-energy keynotes, breakouts and webinars that intrigue participants with a cutting-edge topic and leave them inspired to bring a higher level of creativity and innovation to dispute resolution.

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“Lisa presented at the Family Law Education Program and our participants told us loud and clear, bring her again and again. She is amazing!”

~ Angelica Souza, California Judicial Council

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“Our team made significant progress, had very good dialogue about how we will work together and addressed “elephant in the room” dynamics. This was a great step forward.”

~ Tom Croce, Amgen

Get to know Lisa

So here’s the story…

Waaay back in 2003, I got introduced to visual communication in a board meeting where the facilitator we hired to run our retreat mapped our conversation on giant sheets of paper in real time. It was pretty neat to see, but what really rocked my world was witnessing how much it neutralized the conflict dynamics in the room and improved communication (this board had its issues). I was totally hooked!

I took some training in interactive visual facilitation methods and spent the next 10 years helping executive teams and boards around the globe to mine insights from diverse perspectives, align on a desired future and get focused on strategic action.

Hundreds and hundreds of times over, I’ve seen how working visually boosts listening, maximizes participation and ends the dysfunction so often found in collaborative decision-making.

Then in 2013, my world was rocked again when mediation proved unsuccessful twice during my own divorce. Both times, the agreements my ex and I thought we’d made later fell apart simply because we took away different understandings of what had been said.

With my background in visual facilitation, it was stark obvious to me that if we’d written our thoughts out on paper while we were having the discussion, we’d have known for sure we were on the same page. I could imagine a better process where we’d have avoided a ton of pain by being able to see and actively with our own information.

That’s when I became passionate about combining the power of visual communication with mediation to make the process more effective and easier for everyone involved.

I went back to school to become a certified family mediator. I saw instantly how mediation of any kind could be better with visual communication. I developed my own visual mediation tools, I tested them, tweaked them and began discovering the nuances of how to use my visual skills in mediation.

And then I created BIG Beginnings in Visual Mediation – the only online program where mediators can learn visual methods nuanced to mediation.

In every mediation I’ve ever conducted, I’ve seen the same thing…VISUALS WORK! They clarify, they guide, they serve as a record and most importantly they are a thinking tool for parties in the mediation when they are emotional and making life-changing decisions.

I believe when people choose to resolve conflicts in a non-adversarial way, they deserve every possible advantage to succeed. Helping people grow beyond the conflict and see their way to a better future. This is really why I do what I do and I’m so excited you’re here to be a part of it!